Today Microsoft is rolling out its Spring Creator Update for Windows 10. Here is an overview of the features:

Timeline Update

Windows 10’s Timeline feature helps answer the question: what was I working on? This handy, optional feature can track what documents and Web pages you’ve been working on over the past weeks and months, organizing them into a collection of documents you can quickly open to pick up where you left off.

Near Share

Imagine sitting down at a conference table and realizing you have the URL for a shared document, but your boss isn't willing to copy down the random gobbledygook of the Web address from your screen. A new feature in Windows 10's April 2018 Update, called Near Share, allows you to beam that file across the table in a flash.

Behind the scenes features

  • One-click data deletion: Microsoft’s use of telemetry can be turned off with additional privacy controls available in the April Update. There’s now a delete button that removes all the collected data from your device. 
  • App-by-app GPU management: Windows now manages automatically whether an application uses the integrated graphics chip in your workstation processor, or, if installed, an external, more powerful graphics card.
  • Game Bar Update: A revamp of the Game Bar has an additional clock, and mic and camera toggle options.
  • Fonts in the Microsoft Store: New fonts are available from the Microsoft Store for personalization of your workstation.These fonts can be managed from your Settings menu, specifically Settings > Personalization > Fonts.
  • Swift Pair: On-demand Bluetooth pairing: Normally, Bluetooth pairing on a PC goes something like this: via Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, you click the + icon to begin the pairing process, then initiate pairing on the device as well. With the new Windows Update, now a pairing request from a device removes Windows from the equation and there will be an easy pop-up notification request, now called Swift Pair.  
  • Two-Factor Authentication: If you use a Windows 10 S machine, you’ll now have the option of completely eliminating passwords in favor of the Authenticator app for Android or iOS. This allows you to enter a time-based code to unlock your workstation or approve a login request from your mobile device.
  • PC Audio Settings Upgrade: Microsoft tried to put all of the granular controls of audio functions into the settings menu. The settings menu adds individual UWP app controls, but they are also available on the taskbar. There are now new audio and mic level indicators for real-time feedback.
  • Auto-correct for Keyboard: This update introduces auto-correct and auto-suggest functions for the hardware Within Settings > Devices > Typing, you have the option to toggle on auto-correct capabilities as well as auto-suggested words. 
  • HDR Display Support:Microsoft is aiming to make sure that professional artists and everyday users enjoy a panel with higher graphics fidelity. Within the Fall Creators Update, Settings > Apps > Video Playback allowed you to toggle HDR support and apply processing power to improve the visual quality. Within the Spring Creators Update, you gain a few new options, including calibrating the display that allows you to tweak the brightness of the display. Now, you have the option of leaving the screen brightness dialed down, while still applying more processing power to clean up the video.
  • Windows Workstation Ultimate Performance: While few users will need or want to run Windows for Workstations, the prerequisite for this feature, Microsoft offers an even higher performance setting beyond the current “high performance” setting, eliminating micro-latencies associated with fine-grained power management techniques.  

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