ArcLight’s senior staff can be the chief technology officer for your business. We’ll help you plan for your future technology needs while better leveraging your existing infrastructure investments. We will attend and present at monthly or quarterly meetings with your staff and/or board, and advise on infrastructure based on your core business goals and not just the latest tech buzzwords.

Put our decades of IT strategy experience to work for you with our virtual CTO offering. Our tactical MSP services fulfill the traditional roles of Sysadmin and Helpdesk engineers, but if your IT services aren’t guided by a high-level strategy it can distract from, or even impede, your core business goals.

ArcLight Project Team

We have a team of senior engineers whose role is to build a solution for your problems. Our engineers are architects who design, plan, and execute major infrastructure changes with security, compliance, and simplicity in mind. We don’t make our recommendations in a vacuum but evaluate your entire environment as a whole. We will present recommendations, our project timeline and budget, and then execute with communication and technical proficiency at the forefront.

We can operate as:

  • An outsourced CTO/CIO, providing your ownership/board with business-goal guided strategy, and recommended solutions that fit within the ROI parameters or your business needs.

  • A trusted consultant; advising and coordinating with your CIO, CTO, or head of operations, to lend our insight and experience to your strategic planning.

We take a first principles approach to IT strategy, and won’t consider any IT needs until we understand how your business operates, and the shape of your five year plan. Engaging us on a vCTO level in no way obligates you to purchase ArcLight Managed Services Program offerings, as our vCTO consulting is not limited by the scope of our MSP business.