ArcLight manages and protects your infrastructure by ensuring that your servers and workstations are always up to date. Our Sentinel monitoring and management system provides critical system insight, advanced multi-layered protection from malware and virus threats, critical system errors and hardware failures, as well as the structure your business needs to manage technology.

Detecting and resolving problems before they can interfere with your business is an essential goal. When ArcLight Sentinel identifies a critical error, alerts are immediately sent to our operations center where our team of local IT professionals is available for prompt remediation either remotely or in your office or data center. Instead of waiting until your data has been compromised by malware or a crypto attack, let’s make sure that your infrastructure is protected in advance. 

We make sure that you and your team have the policies and training in place to prepare your workforce for the ever-increasing sophistication of security breaches. Our software enables us to keep your systems properly patched and updated with the latest operating system and security patches, third-party software patches and more.

ArcLight Sentinel provides deep analytics into all of your servers, workstations, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, storage devices and more. We generate a wide variety of thorough monthly or on-demand reports that are invaluable for compliance audits, inventory control, technology purchasing planning and more. We provide the professional IT structure that is the key to successfully managing technology for any size business.