ArcLight Private Cloud 

Run your business with a secure, ArcLight-hosted server in the cloud. Free your business from on-premise servers and the responsibility for updates, maintenance and hardware failures.  Your data is accessible from any internet connection with 99% uptime, guaranteed.

All cloud environments included professionally managed anti-virus and anti-malware software, patch deployment and remediation, and 24/7 monitoring and alerts. Your cloud environment comes with complete, image-level hourly backups of your server, with off-site replication.

Using a cloud solution removes the capital investment in depreciating equipment from the equation. Consistent, predictable monthly costs free your business to expand, contract and move as needed. We can customize a cloud-based solution for your business to accommodate employees working down the street or across the country.

With virtual workspaces, published applications, hosted email solutions and much more, we can remove the stress and cost of a complete server room setup. We can contain compliance and security regulated data to our cloud environment so you can rest easy.

Cloud Workspaces

ArcLight cloud workspaces allow a fully functional desktop experience that you can access from nearly any workstation or mobile device. This provides for simple, secure access to all files, programs, and resources for office and remote workers. Instead of using the processing power your local computer, the memory and computational resources are actually on the cloud server. This means that you no longer have to invest capital on powerful workstations and laptops.

Third Party Cloud Services

Depending on your needs, you may want to use a third-party cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, or Google. ArcLight is trained in configuring and managing all of these systems. For some businesses, there may be a requirement or desire to utilize one of the largest distributed public cloud provider platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or Google. Reasons for this vary by business but could include existing tie-ins to a specific vendor infrastructure, a compliance need for detailed certifications, or 3rd party application compatibility and support. 

Published Applications

Do you have multiple users accessing a single application? Or a mobile workforce that only needs access to a few secure programs?  We can host the application on a cloud server and publish it to the workstation or tablet.  We can publish just about any application you want, be it a line of business application or office software and tools. The application will run as if it is installed on their workstation or mobile device without the need for local installation. This can gives your team access to the software they need without the complexity of managing software across many devices. It only needs to be updated and managed from one centralized point.