Technology growth and modernization are key challenges for any business. Managing the projects for implementing these changes can be daunting and complex. ArcLight manages hundreds of projects, from network upgrades to office moves, to complete infrastructure replacements. We have the expertise to ensure that your next IT project goes smoothly, on time and within budget.Whether it’s local support, advanced engineering, or architecting a new environment, we have the solutions for you.

Examples of our project diversity include:

Cloud migrations: Upgrade your aging local infrastructure to ArcLight’s or any other vendor’s cloud services. 

Email: Migrate to modern hosted Exchange services or Google’s G-Suite, implement encryption and email archiving to stay ahead of your compliance needs.

Network Refresh: Remove the bottlenecks of inefficient network design, aging switches and outdated firewalls that slow you down. 

Wireless: Upgrade that troublesome wireless infrastructure to a system that utilizes proper mesh structure and unify multiple rooms or buildings for seamless productivity. 

Server upgrades: Sometimes you just need that on-site infrastructure and ArcLight has an exceptional track record of assessing needs and replacing existing servers with appropriately sized upgrades built to last. Add in ArcLight’s server monitoring, management, and backups for the ultimate IT experience. 

Office Moves: We will assess the new office location, make sure there’s sufficient ethernet cabling for your current and growth needs, carefully schedule downtime necessary to move sensitive equipment, and manage all individual workstation, telephony, and printer needs. 

Low Voltage Cabling: ArcLight performs cabling work in a wide variety of buildings, anywhere from one to hundreds of new network drops to ensure your office has the capacity needed to keep up with your growing needs.

Custom Projects: You have a problem involving data or technology? Discuss your frustrations with us and we can put together options based on time, security, and cost efficiency. 

We quote every project based on a careful assessment and review of your company goals. We customize our project proposals based on equipment and required engineer hours. Flat rate services are also possible for high-level project work.