Disaster recovery is one part of a complete program for making sure your business is able to withstand unexpected problems. We want to make sure you have a plan for business continuity based on your operational needs. We go beyond simply providing backups and use our expertise to help you develop a plan that will be thoroughly documented and effective. 

When the power goes out your generator takes over so that your business can continue to function. What about when your server goes down, do you have time to wait for it to be rebuilt? Our backup solutions are the redundancy you need for your servers. Traditional backups can help you recover your files, but how fast do you need your systems put back together after a major failure? It takes time to rebuild servers and software configurations.

Far beyond simply backing up your files, our system-level backup solution takes an hourly complete digital image of your entire server or workstations and syncs them to off-site cloud-based storage facilities. These image backups allow not only file-level recovery, but full restoration of all applications and desktops, or these images can be restored to a completely different piece of equipment.

Should your needs require an even faster recovery, our on-site server failover systems can have you up within minutes instead of hours ensuring that equipment failure will not bring your operations to a halt. 

Taking it a step further, should there be a larger disaster such as fire, flood, or theft of equipment, we can spin up your server backups from the cloud in the event of a physical site emergency. Our onsite system failover appliance can provide a virtual replication of your servers ready for remote access, all you need is an internet connection.