Our client is a software company within the health and wellness industry, and operates as a modern cloud-based startup with a decentralized culture. Their workforce is tightly knit by the cloud-based services they rely on for their shared data, internal communications, and day-to-day collaboration. Since they had a modern work environment, including flexible remote employees, and had integrated multiple operating systems based on user preference, their traditional approach to IT was non-viable. ArcLight, however, was able to apply creative solutions that utilize the old and new school approaches, meeting the overall needs of the organization as well as individual employees. 

Our client did not have helpdesk support and tasked their high-level technical team at the company with daily IT support requests of their colleagues.  This kept them from accomplishing the business development and product work that their jobs required, not to mention they also needed assistance with onboarding new employees. Since the company was growing so rapidly out of startup size, it was also difficult for them to internally provision new computers in a timely manner. 

Our client also adheres to high level compliance standards, due to the nature of the industry they work in - health and wellness. They wanted to provide their customers peace of mind that their data is stored securely. These compliance standards have heavy reporting requirements on many data points, such as endpoint security through antivirus, antimalware (sp?), data-at-rest encryption,  DLP (data loss prevention), as well as operating system security patch levels, third-party application patch levels, and more. 


ArcLight’s Sentinel solution for cloud-based RMM (remote monitoring and management), in tandem with a cloud-based LDAP solution for user account security and SSO (single-sign-on), gave our client the proactive support they needed to manage their workstation environment. This prevented our client’s high-level staff from dealing with the day-to-day support issues. With Sentinel in place, ArcLight could dig deeply into the client endpoint devices to fix many common issues which, if left unchecked, would otherwise generate helpdesk calls and tickets. Sentinel also allows ArcLight the ability to quickly provide remote-assistance to our client’s employees whether they’re in their Boston office, on-site with a client, or on the other side of the country in a hotel. Additionally, our RMM tool is operating system agnostic, which allows us to work comfortably with Macbooks or Windows devices. 

In addition to being able to manage the endpoint devices, Sentinel gives ArcLight access to vast amounts of data on our client's technology that we then compile into convenient reports. These reports are useful in tracking our client’s inventory health, compliance reports, AV and patching statuses, and much more. With this information compiled and presented to our client on a consistent basis, they were freed to do higher level work. 

Finally, we also took over purchasing and setup needs for their workstations. With our purchasing team knowing the laptop build specifications for their environment and our service team having a standardized checklist for the configuration, we drastically reduced the time needed for setting up a new hire. Additionally, we provide standard on-site hours every week to ensure that our client’s employees feel they have consistent support. Altogether, we reduced the amount of low level IT support work that interrupted our client’s productivity, provided valuable reporting data for compliance and planning needs, managed workstation purchasing and onboarding needs, and created a reliable IT infrastructure.