We are complete partners with our clients. We know our client’s technical environment and workflow so we can recommend what equipment will work best while saving them the most capital depreciation. When we began working with this top Boston Estate Planning Law Firm, we performed a complimentary on-site assessment and provided a comprehensive evaluation of their environment. We identified what was urgent to address due to security issues and what projects they should consider as a benefit to their staff and productivity for the year. 

One of the problems they experienced for years before we took over as their IT provider was connectivity issues with their wireless connection. Our discovery process revealed slow speeds and disconnections on the main floor, and the smaller third-floor office had not been able to connect to a wireless access point for years. Additionally, the law firm had an old firewall that was out of support and no longer receiving firmware updates necessary for maintaining security. Their law firm also needed a complete hardware upgrade all of their workstations.  Some of their devices were out of date and running on antiquated operating systems that did not connect to the domain. Warshaw’s dream was to create a sleek, standardized appearance for his office, and reduce technology complaints of his staff by having more powerful machines, wireless monitors, and professional installation of all applications. 


After the complimentary assessment, we evaluated the equipment needs based on processing power, compatibility with existing business applications and devices, software licensing, and budget. We sent options to Warshaw in the form of easy to read electronic quotes that gave a precise summary of our recommendations for new equipment, warranties, and support offered by the manufacturers. The efforts of our experienced sales team saved Warshaw time, money, and frustration that would have been spent trying to negotiate with vendors, research the right product, and deal with any manufacturer's defects. 

We purchased micro form factor computers for Warshaw. A microform factor is smaller than a box of tissues, thus concealing their presence on desks, giving the streamlined, professional look that was desired.  Dual wireless monitors were installed enabling users to wirelessly connect their surface pro tablets to their devices eliminating the need for docking stations. During the installation, we labeled all the workstations, assigned the correct naming scheme per company standards, and uninstalled the bloatware on all workstations.  Our agent was installed, allowing us to properly monitor the workstation for any hardware failures, push through patches, and manage the professional grade antivirus software. We also installed and configured all line of business applications, added the workstations to the domain, migrated each user’s profile to the new machine, configured wireless and printer access, and set up monitors in accordance with the user’s preference. Finally, we brought the old workstation back to our lab where we ensured the hard drive was properly wiped and discarded. The build setup and license keys were stored in our cloud-based documentation system for complete and secure record keeping. Separately from the new workstations, we also upgraded their network environment to a new firewall with the proper support to protect their internal network. We rectified the wireless access issue by installing affordable and powerful access points that have sophisticated software allowing simple transfer of users from one access point to the next without interruption.