United Private Car is a white-glove private car service with clients worldwide. As a result, they have a demanding 24/7 dispatch and coordination department, requiring very high systems uptime and resiliency. Their fleet management software and lack of an integrated email solution was a serious hindrance on their workflow and caused headaches on a daily basis.  Since their software was running on a physical server in their office, it only presented a single-point-of-failure in the event of an extended office power outage, or even worse the permanent loss of the server room to fire, flood, or another disaster. Frequent outages by their current Internet Service Provider were adding to their problems, as their VoIP telephony system would cut out and lose calls, which inevitably resulted in an angry customer and lost business. 

Their desktop systems were aging, and they were facing the prospect of a  very large capital investment necessary to purchase a large new server as well as many new workstations in order to maintain the efficiency of their workforce. Additionally,  they were relocating their physical offices and the prospect of building and maintaining a large footprint server room with independent power and cooling in their new office was not desirable.Therefore, they sought ArcLight’s expertise to offer solutions to help them be more agile in their infrastructure systems.


ArcLight stepped in, evaluated their hardware, software, and processes and architected a cloud solution for United Private Car. We created network redundancy by adding a second Internet Service Provider to their office and used a pair of firewalls configured for High Availability to eliminate the single-point-of-failure for their networking systems. We then built them a customized cloud server and workspace environment and facilitated their migration to a more robust business application which directly links to their email service, enabling them to have a single pane of glass for the entire lifecycle of a client trip.

Migrating to a cloud-based system for their user workspaces enabled them to work from anywhere and have 24/7 access to their documents and reservation information even if in the future they opted to discard a traditional brick and mortar office. Remote cloud workspaces mean that the local desktop becomes simply a passthrough device, and workers can sit down at any PC, Mac, or even thin client and access the exact same workspace with all of their applications at any time, from any place. With their systems bottlenecks removed and the ability to accomplish their work even in the event of a major facilities outage, United Private Car is now poised to accelerate their growth.